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The Urban Cookhouse Family:

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

At Urban Cookhouse, customers can expect our meals to be made from scratch daily. Our recipes are family inspired.

Family is at the heart of every recipe and every hand-crafted, fresh meal on the Urban Cookhouse menu. As a family owned local business, we value family and community above all else. The love and care we have for each other goes into every UC dish and drink on our menus across each of our locations in Homewood, Tuscaloosa, The Summit, Downtown Birmingham and at the Tuscaloosa Food Truck (we also have a drive through at the Homewood and Tuscaloosa locations)! Keep reading to learn more about the family that is the beating heart of Urban Cookhouse.

Sherry Snyder

The matriarch of the Snyder family, we wouldn’t be where we are today with Sherry. This is thanks to her passing on her love of, and skills for, cooking to her son and our founder, David Snyder. Sherry is the creator of our famous Brown Sugar Brownies. David grew up eating these delicious brownies for birthdays, church functions and everyday occasions when his mother had sweet tooths to satisfy. David credits his mother for teaching him most of what he knows about cooking. There truly is nothing like buying a brownie that tastes homemade, as if it came straight from your kitchen. We have Sherry to thank for making that experience possible for our customers!

PawPaw Snyder

PawPaw Snyder hails from Coker, Alabama. He is the grandfather of our founder, David. PawPaw Snyder spent college football Saturdays passing on traditions to his family, including teaching his grandson (David) how to cook, as well as grow a garden and use the bounty of said garden to prepare unique meals with a fresh flare. It is thanks to PawPaw Snyder that Urban Cookhouse prioritizes fresh produce and a diverse array of flavorful dishes. David has fond memories of spending days with PawPaw Snyder learning how to cook and smoke meat with wood and charcoal under an old pecan tree in Coker. This is why Urban Cookhouse is home to a wide variety of flavorful meats: smoked turkey, lime-marinated steak, smoked chicken and chipotle braised pork.

The Tomaino Family

Urban Cookhouse could be said to be the result of the pursuit of the classic American Dream. Ralph Tomaino came to the United States in the early 1900’s, opening his first business in Red Bank, New Jersey. One of his four children, Pasquale Tomaino, went on to become the grandfather of our co-founder, Andrea Snyder. The Tomaino family’s rich history heavily influences and inspires the current vision and mission of Urban Cookhouse.

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